Poem: “1,218 miles”

Tayana Osuna, arts & culture editor

A couple months ago, my sister moved from Minnesota to New York. I grew up with my sister being my best friend so her absence has made a significant impact on me. I originally wrote this poem just to allow myself to put my feelings down on paper, but after writing it I realized that this probably resonates with others, and they, or you, will hopefully find comfort in it. 

I’ll never forget all those times you braided my hair 
Or those times you let me borrow your clothes
Or when you got me into makeup
I’ll never forget all the car rides you gave me,
The amount of zebra cakes you bought me
Do you remember the time at your quince when I couldn’t get your necklace on
	And we were in front of like 200 people
	I was too stubborn to ask for help, and you knew that
	So you let me take my time
You know me so well
And you did so much for me
But I never told you I loved you
I never told you how much you meant to me
How much you mean to me
I act as if you died
But that’s because that’s what it feels like
And it feels like a part of me died too
My other half
The one who I never had to explain myself to
The one who backed me up whenever I needed it
The one who brought out my feminism, my creativity, and my confidence
You never misunderstood my sadness as just anger like many do
You knew when to joke with me and when to listen
(and when to tell me to shut up)
But I never told you I loved you
I still can, I know that, but it feels like I lost my chance
Like maybe you won’t care anymore now that you’re far away
Why did you have to go?
No, I know
I know
I’m just