Students Support Each Other at Mental Health Matters Meetings

Cassandra Hagen, staff writer

Are you looking for support or a place to talk about how you’re feeling? Have you been feeling stressed, tired or lonely, and need to talk about it, but you aren’t sure where to go? You’re not alone. Many students may be finding themselves in need of support, between dealing with feeling stressed, or struggling with mental health issues, and Mental Health Matters (MHM) seeks to help support anyone feeling like this. 

MHM was founded during the pandemic as students recognized the growing concern of mental health among college students. Meetings are open to all students on campus, and MHM wants them to be a learning environment within the Augsburg community.

“[Our meetings] focus on discussing different topics related to mental health and seek to provide an environment for students to work together to create community, with meetings focused on education, collaborations, support, and of course, fun,” MHM said in a statement.

Their first meeting of the year was held on Oct. 6, and as someone well acquainted with mental health struggles, I felt obligated to attend. Stepping into the room, the environment was instantly safe and welcoming with a variety of students from all years present. At the start of the meeting, we very quickly established a list of goals for the group. Already in the works are plans to facilitate self-care support groups, host events in the future and have a variety of activities such as yoga to better support mental health on campus, all aimed to help Augsburg Students. 

From this, we transitioned to a more support group style activity where the floor was open to voice how you were feeling or just to state any opinions or concerns. The safe and judgment-free space made any hesitation I felt diminish, and this clearly was a sentiment shared by many as others opened up about their struggles and experiences, or even just talked about how their day was. The supportive atmosphere was a much-needed release for many, and I even found myself opening up about my struggles and current worries, with the response being one of support and understanding. The meeting came to a close after this, and I personally found myself feeling better and heard with this new network of support came a feeling of relief – a sentiment echoed by many other students who attended. 

Mental Health Matters currently stands as a supportive group that will welcome you with open arms despite whatever you may be going through and is a judgment-free place to stop by if you’re going through a tough time, need someone to talk to or are simply feeling stressed. Keep your eyes peeled for future meetings and activities led by the group, as it is an open resource for any student who may need support on campus.