Poem: “hot girl summer”

Abi Hilden, features editor

In this poem, I tried to capture what it feels like to have a depressive episode during a time that is usually associated with happiness, like the summer time. It can be an isolating time for a lot of people, especially those who rely on things like school or work for socialization. I think that this poem sort of speaks to the people who deal with this type of isolation and how time can sort of slip away when you’re dealing with those feelings.

I tried to have a hot girl summer

it all just turned into a hot girl bummer

sad faces staring at sad screens

dark rooms and oversleeping

depression gripped me




and it wouldn’t let me go go go

just locked my happiness away

while the green and blue turned to grays

the leaves were changing under my nose

and the sun barely blinked before it had to go

and with it went my hot girl summer

for now it is autumn.