Joke Issue 2023

Restaurant Review: The Dumpster Serves Delicious Dieshes to Rats.

Travis Alajoki, professional rat

Are you a rat looking for something yummy to eat? Well you’re in luck! 

Newly opened by Waste Management, The Dumpster is located behind Urness Hall and is already becoming widely known across campus. The Dumpster has a wide variety of things to eat due to it being an all you can eat buffet, and after tasting the food myself, I agree that it is very delicious and uncooked! 

When I stopped in for a bite, the atmosphere was truly disgusting — in a good way! The restaurant is a little unconventional to get into, as you enter through the top, but I appreciated the open floor plan of the space and how food was literally everywhere.

Looking over the menu, there is a wide array of dishes to choose from with a few staple options and a rotating menu of seasonal delights. During my visit, they had old leftovers, moldy bread and rotten cheese as a few of the options.

The first dish I tried was the rotten cheese, which was definitely the best dish from The Dumpster by far. This dish is a heaping helping of rotten cheese served with a side order of cream cheese. The cheese is perfectly rotten and has a delicious sour taste. The side of cream cheese was also past due and divine with its perfectly lumpy texture. You can order the main dish in a wide assortment of cheese types such as cheddar, mozzarella, provolone and swiss cheese! Personally, I would say that I prefer the cheddar cheese as the best option for this dish.

I also ordered the leftover pizza. I ordered the half-eaten pepperoni with a side of bread crumbs which turned out to be the perfect meal to have after a long day of running away from cats and big shoes. The pizza had a small hint of rotten cheese mixed in with chunky marinara sauce and a delectably burnt yet somehow moldy crust. The side of bread crumbs were a little dry and had a crunchy texture but you could just wash them down with the everflowing rainwater at The Dumpster.

One not-so-great dish that I tried was the thrown-away Valentine’s chocolate. The chocolate had a very brittle texture and felt like it fell apart in my hands. Honestly, I really didn’t get a lot of ‘trying’ in for this dish because I am a rat and couldn’t properly digest the chocolate. I did get a little down, but a bit after I felt sick and decided that I wouldn’t try it again. But I shouldn’t complain too much since it was the only dish I didn’t enjoy.

The overall service of The Dumpster was great because it was just me there and no one else. Meaning I was able to get as much food as I wanted! The staff was perfect, they hardly interacted with me at all, which really puts The Dumpster years ahead of other establishments.

Open 24/7, 365 days a year in the dumpster behind Urness Hall (the place we call home), The Dumpster is a great choice for any rat looking for a bite!