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Ten: Grow.

Reyna Lopez, Staff Writer

There’s a flower in the ceiling,

At this point in time

My heart is with someone else

Someone familiar.

When you reconnect

Rewatch yourself in their eyes

Relive your existence that was shared with them

You bloom and blossom

You understand that your flaws are just flowers that need more care

That need more love


The flower in ceiling needs to let go and


The flower in the ceiling need to let go and

Be happy.

The flower in the ceiling will one day blossom, and bloom.

And so will I.



Author Bio:

I am a double major in International Business and Marketing with a minor in Creative Writing. This poem was like a wake-up call; it was a glimpse of time where I felt secure in the where I was at in the process of moving forward. Please go follow my instagram for more poetry!! @letitprocess