Who’s Who? The Democratic Primary Candidates Explained

Christa Kelly, News Editor

On March 3rd, Minnesota will be one of 14 states to hold a primary for the Democratic nominee in the 2020 presidential election. At each state’s primary, delegates are distributed among the candidates running. These delegates will go on to the Democratic National Convention, where they will elect the Democratic nominee. Augsburg students can vote on Super Tuesday in the Marshall Room, which is located on the first floor of the Christensen Center. 

Below are the top 5 candidates as of press time, ranked by the number of delegates that they currently have.


Pete Buttigeg

Summary: 38, former mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

Delegates: 22

Polling: 8%

Main issues: Paris climate agreement, universal background checks for guns, banning guns in schools, increase the supreme court to 15 people and Douglass Plan to end systemic racism.

Concerns: Racial bias in drug arrests in South Bend, the firing of a black police chief and the deadly shooting of a black man by police.


Bernie Sanders

Summary: 78, Senator from Vermont.

Delegates: 21

Polling: 31%

Main issues: Medicare for all, tuition free schools, $15 minimum wage and campaign finance reform

Concerns: Democratic Socialist views don’t appeal to some voters, has some ongoing health problems.


Elizabeth Warren

Summary: 70, Senator from Massachusetts.

Delegates: 8

Polling: 12%

Main issues: Creating a wealth tax, canceling student debt, anti-corruption bill, universal childcare and reproductive rights.

Concerns: Made dubious claims of Native American heritage. 


Amy Klobuchar

Summary: 59, Senator from Minnesota.

Delegates: 7

Polling: 9%

Main issues: Ending drug and alcohol addiction, reducing prescription drug prices and providing care for mental health.

Concerns: Harsh treatment of employees, allegations of racism as a county attorney.


Joe Biden

Summary: 77, former Vice President.

Delegates: 6

Polling: 15%

Main issues: Providing healthcare, tripling federal funding for low-income schools and fighting climate change.

Concerns: Lack of respect for the personal space of women.