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Local Band’s Debut Show Sold Out at Crashed Bus in Acadia

Percy Jackson, demigod

I cannot stress enough how excited I am to be discussing this up and coming local screamo/punk/metal band’s debut! Starting in the local Minneapolis area, it’s easy to see that this band, who will only now be releasing their identity, will be an international sensation!

This band reached out to media outlets everywhere to make their voices heard in order to have the spotlight when they release their soon-to-be official band name, as well as their tour dates, ticket prices, and where to find them! 

“Hotdogz With Brainz” next album cover, taken by Tayana Osuna

Now, what we have all been waiting for: their band name! The band has decided to call themselves: “Hotdogz With Brainz!” or “HDWB” for short, an obvious and perfect choice for this edgy new crew. This crew consists of five members, most of them from the Minneapolis area. The lead singer, the one who started it all and the one to bring everyone together is Dan, a stage name that he holds dear to his heart. Dan is someone that when you meet them, you’re instantly feeling the creativity flow out of him, and it can even inspire you. Next is one of his best friends, Joobster, Dan’s partner-in-crime ever since they were in elementary school. Joobster is known for their jokes and pranks, and all over spunky attitude, so naturally they are an expert at the lead electric guitar. In addition to the two amigos, we have Elvis, the eccentric drummer that can get along with anyone he meets and has a long history playing with other professional musicians, including Elton John, but he only now feels like he’s part of a family. With him came Pepino (Spanish for cucumber), a green dinosaur with many talents as he can easily pick up any instrument and play with ease! Some of their talents include bass guitar, saxophone, banjo, didgeridoo, and his most skilled: the triangle. Lastly, the newest addition to this exciting crew is Violeta, who is what Dan calls his “co-singer.” She isn’t any ordinary backup singer! Dan credits them as helping and singing as much as he is when it comes to playing their songs; and with their harmony, she deserved more credit. Violeta, much like Joobster, is somewhat of a prankster, she’s hardcore and is what a rocker truly is! She is the band’s lead screamer and her vocals will absolutely terrify your soul.

Combined, HDWB is fresh on the music scene in Minneapolis, and already has a growing and wild fanbase online! “I wouldn’t be where I am without my crew,” Dan said. “Together we’re truly a work of art, that’s just how I see it. We are art!” On behalf of his band, Dan has just now released their band name, and next are their tour dates! Starting in October of 2022, Hotdogz With Brainz is going on their debut tour, releasing their screamo/punk/metal style music, and all are welcome; if you dare! Some of their released song titles include: “Dan’s Mom,” “Violeta Stole My Wallet,” “Chop Suey (Not Stolen lol),” and “Pepino’s Refuge”, which are only a few that will premiere at their first performance here in Minneapolis! Get your tickets on HDWB’s official Instagram page, follow them on Spotify and SoundCloud. Lastly, a sign off from the band themselves: “Have a wonderful April Fool’s Day.”

This article was published as part of The Echo’s 2022 joke issue.